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National Reviews
  WWRT is such a welcome relief!  With all that is around us and contributing to stress, Joan & Lindy have reminded us of the magical world of childhood.  This book is an excellent blueprint for communication for children and the adults who care about them.  Nothing protects a child more than a caring adult.  This book and CD are an excellent way to start.
~ Robert J. Ackerman, Author, Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul. Dr. Ackerman has served on the advisory boards of the National Institute of Mental Health, U.S. Department of Education, and the White House Task Force on Resiliency.
  “What Went Right Today?” is strongly recommended to the attention of parents concerned with instilling proper and positive values into the hearts and minds of their children.
~ Midwest Book Review
  This is a fun, child-centered and interactive audio-picture book filled with thought-provoking questions, engaging illustrations, and a toe-tapping song that encourages looking at the good things the world and life has to offer.
  Positive thinking readiness is the goal of this carefully penned picture book, accompanied by a toe-tapping musical CD. Perhaps needed now more than ever, Buzick's and Judd's book should put those negative phrases like “There's nothing to do” and “Do I have to?” back on the shelf where they belong. This book and CD package, however, is sure to stay out for repeated readings.
~ Lee Littlewood, Kids Home Library, Syndicated Review, Copley News Service
  Before we even finished the first reading, our kindergartener was repeating and asking "What went right today." The next morning, without prompting, she started repeating elements from the book. It wasn't long before she was singing along with the CD and "answering" the questions.
The CD is a nice complement and offers kids the opportunity to listen/read along when Mom and Dad are busy.

  ... A great gift for a child, or for a preschool or early elementary teacher. Highly recommended for children ages 3 to 10.
KID'S REVIEWS, Lyda Whiting, Awareness Magazine

  I especially liked “What Went Right Today?”…a colorful, well illustrated and educational book that helps children develop a positive attitude. A compact disc accompanies the book, showing that the author is multi-talented.
~ Esther McCoy, The Herald Star, OH
  "What Went Right Today?" is an uplifting book for younger children…a great tool to teach kids goals, positive attitudes and sense of accomplishment. I highly recommend "What Went Right Today?".

  Children will be treated with song and story. James Kevin Sullivan’s illustrations beautifully supplement Judd’s and Buzick’s concept.
Sherri Frame, The Times Gazette, Shelbyville, TN
  Along with developing healthy bodies, we want our kids to develop a healthy outlook on life.
Like exercising and eating right, a positive attitude is something we can encourage through example, of course. But sometimes it's nice to have a little help along the way.
WWRT: What Went Right Today?
  is a delightful, interactive picture book-CD combo...
the book and CD encourage parents and kids to snuggle up, sing along, and end the day on a positive note.

~ Tallahassee Family Forum Magazine
National Awards
* The Teachers' Choice Award evaluators said... *
  ~ In addition to the obvious teaching of a positive mindset, there are other important social and life skills. These include helping others, appreciating people and places, memory and recall, and looking forward to the future.  It also encourages a love of music with the engaging song.  
  ~ Children can identify with the activities depicted in the illustrations as places and actions in their everyday lives.  
  ~ The story provides a chance for readers to extend the story, use their own imagination, and develop their language skills and story telling skills.  
  ~ Children love to talk about themselves, so it is very motivating.    
  ~ Speaking skills are developed through the use of questions requiring detailed answers.  
  ~ We can read the book over and over and they can come up with new answers each and every day.   
  ~ The rhyming words in the text provide good listening practice for phonemic awareness.    
  ~ The book is very attractive, with just the right amount of text on each page.  
  ~ I have the song stuck in my head from all the requests to listen to it!  
  ~ It's great to see a product completely devoted to finding positives in a child's life.  
  ~ The directions for parents at the beginning are helpful, so that any parent can use this successfully.  
  ~ The song is very “singable”, with a catchy tune.  
  ~ In our increasingly negative world, this book is a breath of fresh air. It is a book that children will want to read over and over, promotes literacy skills as well as all the other benefits of reading and discussing together.  

~ I would definitely recommend this book to parents and teachers.    

* The Benjamin Franklin Award judges said... *
  ~ Very effective. Uniqueness-compared to most children's songs - created interest with students I shared this book with.  Positive comments grades K-3; approximately 500 kids.  
  ~ Great treatment of new theme. Not preachy like most Character Count texts.   
  ~ Thoughtfully presented.  
  ~ Catchy tune that made one want to sing along.  
  ~ Illustrations were well done and added much to the story line.  
  ~ My six and three year olds were instantly taken with the music and words.  They eagerly turned the pages to see the pictures, too, when they weren't dancing around the living room.  
  Your "What Went Right Today" presentation was a wonderful way to encourage children and adults to reflect on the positive aspects of their lives.  Utilizing teachers as role models was extremely effective. Students and staff members alike agreed that your presentation was a great way to build self-esteem through something as simple as recognition of the good experiences we all share!
Geri Rinaldo, Principal, Mawbey Street School, Woodbridge, NJ
  The teacher's feedback from your presentation was very positive. They liked the way you presented the book and song and also the way you included them as role models in the program. Keep up the good work!
Deborah Brady, Principal, Ronald Reagan Elementary School, Elizabeth, NJ
  Our students and parents enjoyed the WWRT presentation.  All of us need to slow down and celebrate life's good moments and gifts.  WWRT gives parents and children a vehicle for sharing.
Dr. Susan Mansfield, Principal, Kennedy Park School, Iselin, NJ
  Thank you for a wonderful presentation.  "What went right today" is what we want all our students to discover.  You have put the thought together in a wonderful book, song and presentation.  
Mary Jane Small, Principal, Woodbine Avenue School, Avenel, NJ
I have had time to listen to your tape and read the book.  It is great.  I am going to use the book to launch our year.  
Lynnette J. McCarty, President, The National Association of Child Care Professionals, Executive Director/Owner, Serendipity Children's Center, Tumwater, WA
  What a great way to end each day! Every teacher’s dream and every parent’s responsibility. I’m planning to encourage my third graders to “journal” one good thing each day.
Carol Dunlap, 3rd Grade Teacher, Colonia, NJ
  When a child “talks back” to this book he is practicing creative reading. By eliciting continual responses WWRT prevents distractions and “tuning out”. The CD format is currently underutilized in the world of children’s literature and the strategically placed repetitions will quickly develop sight word recognition. WWRT can be used repeatedly; no two exposures will be identical. I experienced equal success using it with individuals and small groups. With the current emphasis on values and character development this delightful program should have a place on school and home bookshelves. ~ Nancy C. Barrett, M.A., Reading Specialist, Westfield, NJ  
  Children need to feel valued by being listened to respectfully, so they can adequately learn to listen to others. “What Went Right Today? is carefully written with a great deal of respect shown to the child. Its impact on young minds will be powerfully positive, when children are warmly invited to engage in the words, illustrations and music (the CD is a valuable compliment) of each page. It can be read and sung repeatedly, fostering an overall sense of fun, while instilling and strengthening a good attitude within the child.
Mary Louise Hyman, 30 year Veteran Teacher and Grandmother, Bayonne, NJ  
  I have incorporated this book and song into our daily routine at our YMCA Child Care Center. What a great motivator for both children and staff. The children love to follow along in the book and quickly learn all the words. It’s the kind of tune you find yourself humming all day long. A great way to strike up conversations between adults and children because it is so uplifting. It is a terrific addition to any child care environment.
~ Robin Goodrich, Director, Woodbridge Childcare Center, NJ
What went right for me today?  I read this unique book to a group of children. They were captivated with its catchy tune, rhythmic repetition, and they especially enjoyed the opportunity to participate and respond.  I can see this book being used over and over again because it will elicit a different response each time it is read.
Donna Lambdin, Director, John Kenney Child Care Center at Heller Park, Edison, New Jersey

My family and I listen to it on the ride to and from work each day and it is wonderful.  I have a daughter in Kindergarten and a son in 1st grade, and unfortunately my son often doesn’t have those positive experiences we hope for all young children.  Too often the “bad day” report is what we hear about (he has Down Syndrome and ADHD and is a pure delight and is full of life from sun up to sun down!).  I really can’t thank you enough for your marvelous book and song.  It works!  Even on those “bad days” it is easy to re-direct him to the WWRT.  THANK YOU!
~ Julie Thorner, President Mini University, Inc., Ohio

  My son James had so much fun he wants to take the book to school and read it to his class. Thank you for such a wonderful book and giving my son the want of learning to read.
Leslie Barron, Woodbridge, NJ
  My 4 year old son came home from preschool and taught his older sister the “WWRT: What Went Right Today?” song.   Now our dinner conversation begins with asking each other “What went right today?”   It really works!
Laura Mitch, Avenel, NJ  
  We love the book especially the CD and recommended it a thousand times already. We'll keep on spreading the word.
Claudia Lemmerz, Mountain Lakes, NJ
  We're already getting reports back that people have tried your WWRT ... and how it helped.
One woman said that she was tired ... and her daughter at the dinner table started moaning about something that happened at school that day. The mother said that she didn't want to hear that ... she only wanted to hear What Went Right Today. The family loved the idea and all their "regular" faces turned to smiles. They laughed more during that dinner conversation than they had in a long time.

~Marie Arnold, Managing Editor, Pure Inspiration magazine
Learn More About Positive Attitudes
  Lindy Judd, "What Went Right Today?", Pure Inspiration, Spring 2007
Author Lindy Judd discusses the great importance of maintaining a positive mental attitude. Lindy shows us how we often blow the negative out of proportion, to the extent that it obscures the beauty with which we are surrounded.

Pure Inspiration, Spring 2007, Issue #3 (abstract only)
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